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Thank you my friend. I have been Blessed to have you in my life. God Bless
24 March 2014
Thank you my friend for the wonderful reminders you send to me!
21 February 2014
Carol J |
A beautiful start to a wonderful New Year! Thanks for sharing
1 February 2014 - Garden Grove
marty hirschey |
thanks for sharin Gods garden. Mom, your Mom, Aunt Lois, and Aunt Irene are enjoying this garden. thanks for the joyful reminder! lov ya!
31 January 2014 - usa
Paddy Menon |
I appreciate your continous effort in trying to Give Good to so many people arround the world. I can only ask God to guide you on the right path of life and a BIG THANK YOU AND THANK GOD.
17 January 2014 - AUSTRALIA
I love you my friend
13 January 2014
God Bless, and Merry Christmas everyone.
10 December 2013 - Texas
cousin marty
thanks again for sharin 'Thanksgivin' thoughts. 'ppreciate your work so-o-o much! hugs and lov
18 November 2013 - san antonio tx
marty hirschey
dear Tina; thanks for sharin 'I am a dancer' my 15 year old granddaughter is learnin to dance with the high school dance team. she has never danced before and is doing good! lov ya cousin marty
17 October 2013 - san antonio tx
Art |
Thank you for your beautiful Prayer Gate. I always enjoy what you put out.God bless you always.
14 October 2013 - Cypress, CA
Oh my gosh is it Valentines Day already? What happened to the birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. LOL Love you my friend
9 October 2013
cousin marty |
this is cute, thanks for sharin, I forgot how it was with mine all but one 50 plus and that one is considering retirement from the military after 20plus years. God lov ya!
24 September 2013 - usa
Thank you!
21 September 2013
I am so glad the prayer gate is back. Lots of prayers coming your way
6 September 2013
Inspiring - God bless you
24 August 2013 - West Indies

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