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Paddy Menon |
Please pray for the soul of Sonia to Rest In Peace; Funeral is on Saturday;
She is the wife of my dear Nephew SHAWN SHAFTON;
20 December 2012 - Australia
Rita Halle |
Thank you Tina for all your special messages; Please keep my sisters (5) and brothers (3) in your thoughts and prayers through these holiday times; Also my deceased members of our families;
16 November 2012
Steve |
Please pray for some financial stability for my family as i have been unemployed for over three years and trying to take care of my family;
6 November 2012 - Nevada
Christine |
My son just lost his job and was admitted to Rehab for Drug abuse; My daughter and I lived with him and as we got the house through his work, we now have to move before the end of November; We do not have any money for the move or the rental of another place; Please pray for us ;
23 October 2012 - South Africa
Martha |
Lord, i sometimes feel alone, i need your strength to keep me afloat; i sometimes wonder what i have done to be forsaken;
22 October 2012 - Cape Town, South Africa
Mary Ann |
Please pray for my niece Lori that God will help get her through the sorrow she is enduring because her husband left her and her two little boys and pray for him that he will come to his senses and get the help he needs;
5 October 2012 - Stoney Creek Ontario Canada
Suzanne |
Lift me from this darkness Lord so I can stand alone; take my hand and hold it sending strength into my soul; Heal my inner wounds that hold me back from life; let happiness covet my scars that pierce me like a knife; Remove the sadness deep inside my heart of days gone by; fill me with Your will my Lord and wipe my teardrops dry; I open up my arms for You to let You come inside and heal all the hurt I have while I'm still alive;
13 September 2012 - Michigan - USA
Kendra Potter |
Please pray my health concerns are nothing major, or treatable;
29 August 2012 - Tucson, AZ
Ds9rl8e |
I pray this works! giggles
17 August 2012 - Az

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