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I would like a prayer to be said for a family member who has just heard that he has cancer; His name is Chile Ramsingh;
24 October 2013 - In Johannesburg - South Africa
Rita Halle |
Please pray for my daughter Linda in her search for a job; It is over 1 year now
29 September 2013
Mary Mc Enteggarat (Corcoran) |
Please look after a friend of mine who is fighting cancer
8 September 2013 - Ireland
Marti Cengr |
I pray my husband Tom will be in remission from Cancer soon;

Blessed Mother, praying to you for my cousin Kathy, that she'll be alright where she's at;
6 September 2013 - Cypress, CA
Dear Lord
We are looking to find a new home; please guide us to the ideal place ;A place that is peaceful and will be a haven from this busy noisy world
29 July 2013 - Colombo
Praying for healing in my marriage and a job with the water dept for my husband;
24 June 2013
CharAnn |
I would like to lift up Rita, my sister's mother-in-law, for healing of cancer; She is undergoing extensive radiation treatments (at age 88) and is very weak; Thank you, and God Bless;
2 April 2013 - Halifax, Massachusetts
Stella |
my prayer is salvation and deliverance to all that are lost;
30 March 2013 - SANFORD NC
Marti Cengr |
I pray my husband Tom will have a complete recovery from a recent emergency surgery;
6 March 2013 - Cypress, Ca;
please pray for my family;we lost 2 little babies very dear to us just 1 year ago; a little girl and a little boy; one was special needs and one was just;special; so please,without knowing who we are,pray for us;
26 February 2013 - garrettsville,ohio
I ask that Strength and Guidance be given to my Mother, Martha, who has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer;
5 February 2013
Thank you Tina for 'Led by God'-ain't it the truth!
lov you
27 January 2013 - San antonio TX
louise |
Dear lord, I pray for the recovery of george ruthven and for the strength of his wife kids and family
15 January 2013 - cape town hospital
liana salgado |
Lord of all greatness, please forgive me of my weakness, fears, anixety, and selffishness; Heal me so i may forgive myself of my past and heal me of this terrible tumor may it be just a mass of nothing and dissolve with your loving hands; In your grace and glory i ask you bring me back to comfort and peace to be the child you created me to be the woman of nuturing, love, humbleness, and strength; that i may let go of my insecurities, lonliness, dislikes, and jealousy so i may be able to live the abundance of happiness, trust, and loyalty with the loving man you put in my path that we may understand and honor the unity and commitment you have started us on to build on the families we both brought together and enjoy the now Home we have structured; Above all Lord im thankful and patient that i may overcome all my darkness i keep lettin myself live in and bring light to my everyday passing to a better and blessed life left in this world you created; Amen
9 January 2013 - Florida, USA
Elizabeth |
Dear Lord, I have been battling my weight and heart issues for many years can you please help me successful to loose this weight; Bless me and my family;
22 December 2012 - Vermilion ,Ohio

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