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FdcSlomb |
Thanks for sharing this very good webpage;
9 October 2017 - Burkina Faso
GsdeTaunc |
Thanks meant for supplying like good written content;
5 October 2017 - Burkina Faso
Paddy Menon |
Please pray for my friend SASI , who misplaced of lost his passport ;
16 February 2017 - Melbourne , Australia
Sharon |
Please keep Jackie, Phil and family as they grieve in the loss of their son and brother Jacob; May our Heavenly Father reach out to them and enfold them in His healing arms;
In His name;
19 January 2017 - Portland, OR
Carol J |
Please pray for my husband Don as he is on dialysis and now
it looks as though it will be permanent; We ask your prayers in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit to watch over him and give us strength to accept God's plan for him;
22 December 2015 - Garden Grove, CA
Janie Brister |
I need prayers for my son -he was diagnosed yesterday with a tumor on his brain-his name is Jeff B;
I Hope & pray this turns out ok -he was sent to Shreveport,la
Thanks & God Bless U Mightly
20 December 2014 - Louisiana
Lynda |
I need all the prayers for Marciel Perrez who is a 38 year old father of a 3 year old & friend and just found out he has stage 4 cancer; also, please pray for my sister who has a tumor in her head; Please Lord give then hope and the strength to carry this cross;
28 April 2014 - Tucson' Arizona
Carole Deal |
Dear Virgin Mother; Please ask the Lord to grant my daughter Monica a cancer free biopsy; St Teresa please send a rose; Thankyou for hearing my prayer; My most loving heavenly mother
24 March 2014 - Highpoint NC
Marlene |
I pray that Our son's biopsy comes back free of cancer;
May Our Lord bless him with this request;
23 March 2014 - Candler, North Carolina
Emily |
Please keep my brother Joe in your prayers; He is going through difficult times and needs to find a job;
16 February 2014 - Stanton, CA
Barbara |
I would like to obtain a job this year; Please help me to get married, so that I will not be alone in this world;
15 January 2014 - Canada
Lynda Whiston |
May she recognizes God's love;
10 December 2013 - Long Beach, California
May perpetual light shine upon my husband Tom's soul; May his soul & all the souls of the faithfully departed, rest in peace; AMEN;
14 November 2013 - Cypress, CA
Binu Christina |
Financial needs; we are in need of so much money to pay our debts; God knows our situation; kindly pray that we will be released from all the things that binds us for His glory
7 November 2013 - Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India
Zoe |
I need a prayer cos we are going to be evicted please pray for my family and me please
29 October 2013 - South Africa

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